Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the older i get (and yes, another birthday is coming up this week), the more i think about my ancestors. particularly the women. what do we share? what strengths and weaknesses? and what am i passing on? this piece is about two of my ancestors in particular. emma louisa (my great great grandmother on my father's side,) was a young aristocratic protestant british girl who fell in love with with a catholic irish soldier and immigrated to the wilds of northern ontario. what we do for love... and agnes, my great grandmother on my mother's side (in the photo) from edinburgh, scotland, widowed at a young age with three children and started up a shop on high street. agnes also died young and my grandmother took over the shop and the care of her two young brothers when she was only 16. this piece is about these women.their strength and fragility. the women who made me.

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  1. I love this Shawn. I wish there was a way to access their memories. I do believe that is going to happen. Maybe not in our lifetime, but perhaps in our great grandchildren's lives.