Monday, January 13, 2014

      after pretty steady work for the past two years, i have finally finished my chakra piece.
a couple of years ago in florida, i picked up a dozen simple vintage linen napkins . around this time i was also beginning to have some medical problems. so i decided to start a project that would help me concentrate on my body. i wanted to do this work without pressure. without a time limit. with no other goal in mind. i loved working this way. each piece took a few months to complete (while i worked on other art projects). the throat chakra stalled for 6 months which makes sense because i have trouble with my thyroid.  i hand dyed each of the napkins to correspond to their chakra colour. i researched the location, the meaning, the symbolism of each chakra. i tried not to be too literal, but instead "feel" my way into each chakra. each piece includes applique, embroidery, stitching, beading.



solar plexus



third eye



  1. Stunningly beautiful Shawn! And I know they are even more so in person. Fantastic work....

  2. I so love everyone of these. But the throat speaks to me in a way different from the others. Perhaps it's the bluebird which I consider my totem and the song,because I love bird song. And the lace like something out of a fairy tale.