Thursday, January 16, 2014

i have been a painter most of my life.gradually, over the past 15 years i've switched almost entirely to textile work - quilting, rug hooking, knitting and crochet, dyeing, felting, spinning, embroidery. a combination of many of these. this past summer i started painting again and my newest work combines painting and textile practices.
my studio has mostly been for storing supplies and preparing my fleece for my handspun yarn. most of that has now been moved to a spare bedroom and my studio is reverting back to a painting studio. to celebrate my "return", i asked for this easel for christmas and it arrived yesterday. perfect. light but sturdy and flexible. in a few weeks i'll be getting a larger window installed and a bank of good lights. ready to go...

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  1. Hey Shawn,
    Glad that I was finally able to find you. How are you doing? So much to catch up on. What's the best way to correspond? Perhaps you will email me at --- I hope. Wishing you the best, xo Beth